Speaker Timer Configurations

Limitimer is an automated timekeeper that controls a remote signal light that alerts speakers to the end of their allotted time.   Limitimer keeps time at lectures, forums and legal proceedings, maintains the pace of programs, and builds confidence that no one’s time is unfairly curtailed.  It spares moderators the need to interrupt and helps speakers end smoothly.

  • Easy-to-use: Set Total Time. Set Sum-Up Time. Start
  • Digital clock displays Time Remaining; Green-Yellow-Red lights cue phase: Talk, Sum-Up, Stop
  • Pre-set up to four timing programs
  • Run a session timer in background to other programs
  • Select from three different beep sounds (or no sound)
  • Connect two or more timers to a single signal light for multi-point start/stop control
  • Connect two or more signal lights to a single timer for multi-speaker prompting
  • Select count-up or count-down modes

TimePrompt is a battery-powered, programmable speaker timer for conference rooms, classrooms, or other small venues. TimePrompt can control any of the signal lights in the Limitimer speaker timer family. Select from pre-set talk lengths. Each program activates a sequence of green-yellow-red lights and may beep on light changes or blink at end. Programs may be grouped in count-up and count-down formats. Programming is done via a USB-connected PC.

Multi-Point Control

Multiple timer-controllers can exist on the same connecting cable.  Set one timer as Server and the other(s) as Client. Any timer may start / stop the clock, reset or change programs.

Multi-Cast Display
Connect any signal lights in parallel or in series. Large displays can be locally powered. For long runs, or where there are more than three small signal lights connected to a timer, interpose one of our power boosters (PSL-PB6 or PSL-PB18).
Mix wired / wireless connections
Limitimer’s various components can be assembled in many different ways, using podium, small audience or large audience signals lights and/or the Bluetooth transceiver (TR-2000BT).
Simultaneous Programs

Four programs can operate independently. One can run simultaneously with the others in the background to keep track of a session.

Network Connections
Using Network Extender (IP-2000X-L), Limitimer time data can be broadcast within a local area network, or, with port forwarding, on the Internet.
Touch Controller Integration
Our RJ45-to-USB dongle (TP-2000X-LT) translates Limitimer binary data stream into ASCII name-value pairs. Limitimer information can be rendered on the screen of touch controllers. A user may program buttons with simple commands so that the touch controller can interact with Limitimer. All signal lights must connect to Limitimer.
Fiber Optic Communications

Limitimer’s differential signal may be carried over single mode fiber cable by using any number of commercially-available serial-to-fiber converters. By-directional communication is possible with a second cable.

Video Time Display
Connect Limitimer to a computer with the Cat-5-to-USB dongle (VC-2000LT). Software parses the data and provides tools to display the count-down time with different fonts, colors, sizes and backgrounds. Bitmaps simulate green-yellow-red phase lights. These sit on top of other application windows.