Speaker Timer FAQ's


What is the maximum cable distance between the PRO-2000 timer and the podium signal light?

You can probably go about 400-feet using a Cat-5 cable - somewhat less with XLR. The problem is the voltage drop that is experienced because of the wire resistance over a long run. However, it is possible to use our accessory PSL-PB6, a power distribution box, that boosts the power on the signal light end and extends the maximum separation distance between the timer and the signal light (which in this case would extend the distance to approximately 1000 feet).

What equipment is necessary in order to use an AMX or Crestron touch screen to control Limitimer?

You need our RJ45-DB9 dongle, model TP-2000X-LT. This translates the binary data stream from Limitimer into a series of ASCII name-value pairs. You would use these values to create the display as well as controls on your touch panel system.  Remember, all signal lights must be connected to the Limitimer timer console as they receive power through the Cat-5 cable.  However, you can connect the TP-2000X-LT dongle anywhere on the Limitimer-Signal Light daisy chain.

How do I adjust the time-of-day on the Audience Signal Light when Limitimer is turned off?

On the front lower left of the display you will find two small red tact switches.  Left advances hours.  Right advances minutes.  Currently, there is no way to adjust seconds.  If you are using two of these displays in one room, you should connect the output of one to the input of the other.  That way, the time-of-day of one clock will be in sync with the other.

How can I change the beep sound?

The beep sound is a local setting - selectable for each signal light and each timer. Make the following changes on the 12-position DIP switch to produce the desired sound:

Switch 7 ON + Switch 8 ON = Buzz

Switch 7 OFF + Switch 8 ON = Chime

Switch 7 ON + Switch 8 OFF = Ring

Switch 7 OFF+ Switch 8 OFF = No Sound*.

*If the timer’s “Beep” setting is set to ON, any signal light that is set to produce a sound will make that sound when the timer reaches 0:00 even though the timer itself will not produce a sound if its Switches 7 + 8 are OFF.

What is the function of the Session Program on Limitimer?

Typically, a Session program is used to keep track of the time remaining of a “session” of multiple speakers.  One of the other programs are used to keep track of time for a single presentation.  Only one of Program 1, 2 and 3 can be running at one time.   In common setups, an Audience Signal Light is set to display the Session time (Program 4 only) and the podium signal light or additional Audience Signal Lights are configured to display Programs 1, 2, and 3.

What do I do if the timer buttons are not responding?

Check the DIP switches in the back of the time. Switch 1 MUST be in the ON position (up).  If the timer is connected to another timer, then DIP switch 1 should be OFF.  The button press will still work because the other timer is providing the feedback.

I don't want the beep to be automatic. Can I sound the beep manually?

Yes. Hold the Beep button for approximately one second. Lift when the beep sounds. Make sure the Beep LED did not become illuminated. This means that you have engaged the auto beep. If it did become illuminated, press the beep button and release quickly.

You may continue to hold the Beep button and beep will sound every 2 seconds until you release it.


We have a PRO-2000. The Podium Signal Light counts up after it reaches 0:00. We want it to stop at 0:00. How is this possible?

Set DIP switch #5 to OFF.

How can I connect the signal light to the timer over a fiber network?

This is possible by using a serial-to-fiber adapter.  Please contact DSan so we can help you with the wiring schematic.


What is the range of the wireless TimePrompt model?

We have tested it in open areas and found solid communication at 250 feet.

How can I add a custom program to my TimePrompt?
Use our Windows application (see our TimePrompt programming page to download).  It is quite easy to add or modify programs.  In fact, you can add, remove and re-arrange programs that are stored.  See the video on the TimePrompt page.
What is the battery life of the TimePrompt?

Battery life depends on how you use the TimePrompt.  The more the lights are on, the more quickly the batteries will drain.  In addition, if you are using the Bluetooth wireless models, the radio will consume more power.  In general, fresh batteries will last about 17.5 hours with the LEDs burning.  If the Bluetooth radio is on, this life is reduced to about 6 hours.  You can always use one of DSan’s standard 12-V power supplies.  When ordering, please request a power supply.

The red LOW BATTERY indicator light keeps blinking on my unit even after installation of new batteries. How do I fix this?

After you replace the TimePrompt batteries, press BEEP + RESET. This resets the battery-life counter. The TimePrompt does not actually detect the voltage in the batteries. It counts the number of minutes the unit has been on as well as the number of minutes the lights have been on. It deducts this from what we have determined is the battery life under both conditions.

How can I display TimePrompt data on a video monitor?

Please see our Video Clock.  There is a software application that captures TimePrompt data via a USB connection and displays the time and simulated phase lights on a top-most window.