Touch Panel Interface for Limitimer


Cat-5 to DB-9 adapter to pass ASCII control codes between Limitimer and a touch panel central controller.  Includes 7-foot Cat-5 cable

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Limitimer can be controlled by popular touch panel systems. Use the Touch Panel Interface to pass ASCII control codes between Limitimer and the touch panel central controller.

The touch panels can access all timer functions including setting the time and starting and stopping the clock. Real-time Time Remaining, phase lights and other data from the timer may be displayed on the touch panels. In addition, when using our large digital Audience Signal Lights, the touch panel can change the display from a count-down clock to a 12-hour time clock and vice versa.

For additional information, see Touch Panel Interface – Additional Information

• Ports: One RJ45 (RS485) and one DB-9
• 12-V external power supply

• 3¼ “ x 1½” x ¾“
• Weight: 2 oz.

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