Network Extender


IP-Address configurable adapter to transmit or receive Limitimer time data over Ethernet. Requires 2 – one configured as server, the other(s) as client(s) (but are sold separately so that additional units may be purchased individually). Includes USB cable, 7-foot Cat-5 cable, and an external power supply

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Network Extender is an IP address-configurable adapter that enables control and display of Limitimer over local networks or the Internet.

Configure another Extender as a client. You may assign it a fixed IP address or let the network router assign it an available IP address via dynamic host control protocol (DHCP). Point the Extender to the IP address that was assigned to the server.  Either the Extender or Limitimer must be powered. Power will flow to both devices from a signal source.

You may use up to five additional Network Extenders as clients. You may also connect a second Limitimer timer to a client Extender and set it as “Client”.   This allows timer control from two different points.

The signal exiting the client Extender is the pure Limitimer data stream. You may also (a) connect this to the Video Clock VC-2000LT; and/or (b) connect a Bluetooth transceiver set up as a transmitter to the client data stream to create a bridge to drive additional signal lights.

• Ports: Two RJ45 for connection to devices; one RJ45-Ethernet for connection to Network; one USB for connection to PC configuration app
• 12-V external power supply
(Note: Either connected device or Network Extender only need power – not both)

• 4¾“ x 4” x 1¼“
• Weight: 6 oz.

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