Video Clock for Limitimer


RJ-45 to Cat-5 adapter with software to display Limitimer time on a PC-based computer.  Includes 6-foot USB cable

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Use the Video Clock to display time and cues on top of applications such as PowerPoint or on top of any live video to provide a speaker with time remaining on a presentation monitor.

You may select digits only, digits with green-yellow-phase lights or phase lights only. Re-size the time remaining to fill any percentage of the screen or position anywhere. Select font color, text box color, or use custom bitmap behind digits. Video Clock connects to a computer via USB and to the Limitimer via Cat 5.

• Ports: one USB and one RJ45

• 4½” x 1½ ” x 1″
• Weight: 3 oz.

Click here for information on Video Clock software: Video Clock Software