Signal Light Extender (18-Port)


18-Port power distributor to connect additional signal lights to one Limitimer timer console.  Includes 7-amp power supply

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Limitimer’s RS-485 data protocol allows multiple connections on a signal line. Signal lights can be connected to both of Limitimer’s Cat-5 jacks and each signal light has twin Cat-5 jacks that allow multiple signal lights to be daisy-chained. Each signal light draws about 300mA. So effectively, only two signal lights can be connected using Limitimer’s supplied 1 Amp power supply. If the signal lights are separated using very long (200+ feet) cable, voltage attenuation will affect operation.

The 18-port Signal Light Power Distributor can be interposed between the Limitimer and multiple remote signal lights, thereby increasing the operating distance and number of signal lights that can be driven. The booster is supplied with an external power source that is at least three times the total expected power consumption if a signal light were connected to each of the available Cat-5 jacks.

One Power Distributor can be connected to another. If all are powered, an almost unlimited number of signal lights can be driven by a single timer. See also 6-port model, PSL-PB6.

• 8” x 4” x 1½“
• Weight: 2¼ lbs