Touch Panel Interface

The TP-2000X Touch Panel Interface is a Cat-5 to DB9 adapter that provides for serial control of Dsan speaker timers or cue lights by popular touch panel systems. 

The adapter converts binary data from Limitimer® or PerfectCue® into easy-to-read text messages and passes easy-to-compose control codes back to the devices.  PerfectCue and Limitimer use different command codes and different wiring schemes.  Therefore, a different TP-2000X adapter model must be used with each product.

With Limitimer: Model TP-2000X-LT

This is connected to a PRO-2000 timer using ordinary Cat-5 cable.   The DB-9 side is connected to the serial port of a touch panel controller.  The port ­— designated as RS-232 ­— should be configured at 9600 baud with 8 data bits, no parity and one stop bit.   These are the default settings for Crestron touch panel systems as well as the great majority of serial-controlled devices.

The behavior of every button control on the timer panel can be simulated by sending a message string.  The string consists of a start-of-message character, a command verb, a space, a check sum, and a carriage return.

In response to each command, Limitimer ­— through the TP-2000X-LT ­— returns the property value of the timer panel’s status LEDs.  The LEDs include the selected program, beep, blink, and seconds setting.  At regular intervals, the timer also returns time data.  The data is formatted as a 7-character identifier for Total Time, Sum-Up Time and Time Remaining and a 5-character value­ — two characters each for the minutes and seconds digits and a colon.

See API:  Touch Panel Integration – Timers

TP-2000X-LT is supplied in a black enclosure.

Purchase TP-2000X-LT:  Touch Panel Interface for Limitimer

With PerfectCue: Model TP-2000X-PC

This is connected to the RJ-45 jack of a PerfectCue or PerfectCue-Mini. The DB-9 side is connected to the serial port of a touch panel controller.  Port settings are the same as above.

Three commands can be sent as plain text messages to PerfectCue.  The commands consist of a start-of-message character, a command verb, a space, a check sum, and a carriage return. 

The commands trigger the illumination of the green, red and yellow lights respectively on the cue light, similar to the behavior of the PerfectCue wireless actuator.  They also cause a PerfectCue that is connected to a computer, to deliver keystrokes that are configured, by default, as Right Arrow, Left Arrow, and “B”, respectively.    On presentation systems such as PowerPoint® these keystrokes initiate next slide (or next build), previous slide and screen blank.

In response to each command, PerfectCue ­— through the TP-2000X-PC ­— returns the “On” status of the cue lights:  FRWLEDON, RVSLEDON and BLKLEDON.  After approximately 1.4 seconds, TP-2000X-PC returns the “Off” value: FRWLEDOF, RVSLEDOF.  The yellow light has a different behavior:  its off status, BLKLEDOF, is not returned until another command is sent.  These status messages can be used by the touch panel system to swap dark and light green, red, and yellow bitmaps.

See API:  Touch Panel Integration – PerfectCue

TP-2000X-PC is in a beige enclosure.

Purchase TP-2000X-PC:  Touch Panel Interface for PerfectCue