Monitor Cue Light


Monitor cue light interfaces with PerfectCue or Perfect Cue Mini via Cat-5 cable

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Sentry is a small light cue that connects to PerfectCue or PerfectCue Mini. It can be easily affixed to a speaker’s lectern, computer station, or downstage speaker, and lights up Green-Red-Yellow respectively with the Forward-Back-Blank commands from the presenter’s wireless remote controller.  Sentry can be connected to a cue light via Cat 5 cable. Dual RJ45 jacks allow multiple Sentrys to be interconnected along a single cable “run.”  Green, Yellow, Red lights correspond to PerfectCue’s USB commands Forward Arrow, Back Arrow and “B”.  (Note:   When connecting Sentry to a cue light, the cue light must be powered with its external 12 V mains supply.)

• Ports: Two RJ45

Product Dimensions:
• 4½” x 1¼” x 1″
• Weight: 3 oz.