Cue Light Programing

Program the cue light keystrokes delivered through the USB ports. The keystrokes correspond to the transmitter buttons Forward, Back, and Blank*.

  • Macros of up to 10 keystrokes may be programmed for each button.
  • Download the Cue Light Programmer. You will receive the application, and instructions.
    CueLightProgrammerSetup.exe (200 Kb) (Sorry, Windows only.)
  • If you cannot download an exe file or do not have administrative privileges on your computer, download : (185 KB)
  • Extract and place the files into any writable directory.
  • Click the executable file to launch. Alternatively, run the executable installer.
  • Connect a cue light to your PC via “A” USB port. (You program both USB microprocessors through one port.) Be sure to provide power to the cue light using the 12 V wall plug.

*Not all transmitters have all buttons.