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I want to have one remote advance a presentation on two seperate computers. One computer will be on stage and the other will be backstage (100ft away). Can I set both the units to the same frequency, so one remote advances both cpus?
So Just where is the SLAVE MASTER Switch as per this in Features 7 Slave-Master Switch When two or more cue lights are connected by wire (Cat-5 or XLR cable, set one cue light as "Master" and the other(s) as "Slave." Only the Master cue light receives the trnasmitter's signal.
Is there a way to use the output port to control GPI function on a switcher? Would a relay be needed?
Is there any way to disable the blank button on the transmitter?
Any plans for a remote antenna on the receivers? I always try and place any type of receiveng antenna above my equipment to minimize possible electrical interference. I realize it could only be a couple feet as to maintain signal strength through line loss. I also see your transmitters operate at 433 mhz; do you feel these frequencies to be superior to the 2.4 gig range that competitors are presently using?
Does the programmer work with an AMX Control System? If so, how?
There is an XLR connector, RJ45 connector and a four position dip switch that I have no idea what any of them are for. Could be something we could make use of.....
Can you tell me what the differences are between the Perfect Cue and the Do Cue?
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