USB Serial Cable for PerfectCue


Custom serial cable to connect PerfectCue with remote presentation systems

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Dsan has partnered with, an internet clicker application, to allow the PerfectCue and PerfectCue Mini line of products to be controlled by a remote presenter. is a secure peer-to-peer presentation internet clicker. can host multiple presenters to control a range of software, including PowerPoint, Keynote, and vMix from anywhere in the world. also includes added features, such as the ability to push a count-down time display to the presenter’s interface and deliver live screen shots of the local presentation.

The KES-485-PC allows for the application to also push remote commands to a physical PerfectCue system.  When an online presenter sends forward or back commands via the Cliqer system, the presentation application transfers command messages directly to a connected PerfectCue.  PerfectCue can then navigate presentation applications running on additional computers connected  through a USB port.  If needed, the PerfectCue can simultaneously receive commands from a wireless remote or integrate touch panel or show control systems.

You can find information on the application at

USB A and RJ45 plugs are connected by a 3-meter cable.
The cable appears as a COM port to a computer. Drivers may be obtained at this link.

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