External Power Supply


External 12V switching power supply with appropriate mains plug for the U.S., or specify for other countries

The External Power Supply is a switching power supply which can access 110- or 220-volt mains.  The same power supply can be used across all Dsan products.   The power supply offers 1.1A at 12 Volts – Center Pin positive.  We can supply (on request) interchangeable plugs for different countries. The power supply is UL and CE approved and comes with an 8-foot extension cord.

• Mains Plug Options: USA, Australia, UK, and Europe
• Input: 100-240V 50/60 Hz 0.45A
• Output: 12V 1A
• Center Pin Positive; 5mm OD, 2.1 mm ID, 12 mm long
• Approvals: FCC, UL, CE

Product Dimensions:
• Cord: 8 feet (2.5 meters)
• Weight: 6 oz.