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Podium Signal Light for Limitimer

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PSL-20V is a small light pod designed to sit on the top or in the well of a lectern.  The signal light contains a small speaker to provide (optionally) audio cues.  The sloped front contains a 4-digit 7-segment display showing time remaining and small green-yellow-red phase lights. Top surface has 20-mm LED phase lights that can be seen from 100-feet. You may drive up to three PSL-20Vs from one timer.

By using our Power Booster (Model PSL-PB6) you can interpose additional power and drive additional signal lights over longer cable runs.

The switch settings control local behavior:

  • Which programs are to be displayed
  • Types of sound cues – beep, buzz, chime or none
  • Whether time display continues to count (up) after zero
  • Whether top lights are enabled
  • Whether digital display is enabled
  • Sound cue volume – high or low

Twin RJ45 jacks allow daisy-chaining multiple signal lights to the timer. Use XLR to Cat-5 Adaptor (Model CAT5-ADP-L) to connect to timer with XLR cable.

• Receives power and data over cable connection to Limitimer or TimePrompt

Product Dimensions:
• 3 ¾“ x 3¼” x 2½”
• Weight: 1.1 lb

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