PC Extender


Adapter to trigger four computers from a PerfectCue or PerfectCue Mini; cables not included

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The PC Extender gives you the flexibility to synchronize more than two computers.  Four USB ports are each individually enabled or disabled by an onboard switch. Local buttons trigger keystrokes to connected computers through all enabled USB ports. For remote control, connect any cue light via Cat-5 cable. The cue light will then trigger the PC-Extender. For a completely wired setup, connect a hard-wired transmitter (PC-AS2-HW) using Cat-5 cable to trigger any enabled USB port. For even more flexibility, multiple PC Extenders can be daisy-chained to one another. All are USB bus powered.

• Ports: Four USB, three RJ45
• Controls: Forward, Back, Blank

Product Dimensions:
• 4½ ” x 4½” x 1¼”
• Weight: ½ lb

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