Laptop Sound Port (Stereo)


Stereo version of LSP-1 with USB sound capture, audio channel selector and headphone monitor with mute output switch

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The LSP-2 is a stereo version of the LSP-1. Grab the laptop’s sound from either the 1/8-inch headphone jack or via a USB port. The LSP-2 changes the input to balanced mic-level signals and mates with standard XLR audio cables for L and R or L+R channel output. A ground lift switch assures a hum-free interface. The LSP-2 has on-board volume control, an output mute switch, and loop-through monitoring headphone jack.

• 5-foot cable
• Includes padded pouch case

• 4” x 2½“ x 1¾“
• Weight: 9 oz.

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