Audience Signal Light (Traffic Light Version)


Audience Signal Light with 4″ tri color lights, includes 50-foot Cat-5 cable and power supply. Requires Limitimer PRO-2000-T or TimePrompt TMPT as time data source

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The traffic light version of the Audience Signal Light has a stoplight pattern rather than the digital numbers of the ASL4-ND3.  It may be powered directly from Limitimer or plugged into an AC outlet for distances of more than 50 feet, and may be set to receive any or all Limitimer programs. This signal light allows connections via Cat-5 or XLR cable and contains input-output ports so that additional signal lights may be daisy chained. The audience signal light has multiple in-out jacks for a variety of interconnections.

A flip-out kick stand makes for convenient setups as a downstage monitor. On the back of the display, there are accommodations for 100mm Vesa Mounts.

• Inputs: RJ45, 3-pin XLR, 12V power jack for 5.5 x 2.1 mm plug
• Outputs: RJ45, 3-pin XLR
• 4-position dip switch allows for custom settings.

• 22” x 6½“ x 3”
• Weight: 7 lb. 9 oz.

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