TimePrompt – Wireless


Battery-powered timekeeper using a Bluetooth-type transceiver with 300-foot range.  Communicates wirelessly with second Bluetooth TimePrompt, which acts as passive signal light. Can drive all Bluetooth-enabled Limitimer signal lights. (Requires two for wireless operation.)  Includes 6-foot USB cable and power supply

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The wireless TimePrompt triggers green, yellow and red lights in pre-programmed sequences from 15 seconds to 90 minutes. The timer can count up or count down, and beep manually or automatically on the light changes. Light sequences that are preset can be reprogrammed via a free programmer application that runs on a USB-connected PC.  As soon as the clock starts, the TimePrompt digital display changes to show the time remaining or the elapsed time depending on the mode.  For sophisticated applications, two TimePrompts can be connected by ordinary data cable. One can act as a remote signal light; the other acts as a controller.

• Uses an external 12-volt power supply or 4-AA batteries
• Battery life: about 6 hours

Product Dimensions:
• 5¼“ x 3½ x 1¼ “
• Weight: 10.5 oz.

Click here for TimePrompt programming: TimePrompt Programming