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Cue light systems that include cue light, transmitter and power supply
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PerfectCue System: Professional Kit Item Name:
PerfectCue System: Professional Kit
Item #:

Professional Kit includes two PerfectCue systems (PC-SYS) and carrying/storage case.

PC-Kit - Control with FeedbackThis is an ideal solution for A-V staging company that is doing setups in large halls. One cue light can be placed on stage near the speaker to receive the RF signal from the transmitter and act as a confidence light. The other cue light at the back of the auditorium near the projectionist is connected by CAT-5 or XLR cable. Only one cue light needs power. For smaller venues, each system can be used separately.

Cue light and hand-held transmitter can communicate over selectable channels so that the systems can operate in adjacent rooms without interference.

This system is sold in three configurations depending on the included transmitters:

PC-SYS-AS2 - with 2 2-button transmitters

PC-SYS-AS3 - with 2 3-button transmitters

PC-SYS-AS4 - with 2 4-button transmitters

Be sure to select the transmitters you wish included. See Transmitters to purchase additional transmitters.

Item Options
Select the transmitters that you wish supplied with this two-PerfectCue system. See Transmitters category to purchase additional transmitters.
2-Command buttons (PC-AS2)
2-Command buttons + green laser (PC-AS3-Grn)
3-Command buttons + green laser (PC-AS4-Grn)
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