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Cue light systems that include cue light, transmitter and power supply
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PerfectCue System Item Name:
PerfectCue System
Item #:

A light and sound signaling system that enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist using a wireless hand-held actuator or to remotely control presentation software via dual programmable USB ports.  The extra large arrows makes this model suitable as a down-stage confidence monitor that is connected by wire to a second cue light located at the projection table. (See kit PC-433BP-Kit .)

The PC-433BP-SYS is designed to facilitate integration with belt-pack headsets.

4-pin IN-OUT XLR jacks allow cue light to be interposed between belt-pack and headset. Two-way intercom communications pass through unchanged except cue light sounds are added to reception. Volume controllable.

Power Supply and USB cables (2)

System includes one transmitter (4-button Part # PC-AS4-Grn is supplied standard). You may select an alternate transmitter below under "Item Options" or order an extra transmitter of a simpler type: 1-button model (PC-AS1),  2- button model (PC-AS2) or 3-button model with 2 command buttons and a laser (PC-AS3-Grn).  System also includes 12-volt external power supply,  2 USB cables and shipping/carrying case.

Item Options
Select included transmitter. Command buttons are typically used for "Forward", "Back" and "Screen Blank" but these commands can be modified in the cue light. Transmitter selected is provided if no other selection is made.
1-Command Button (PC-AS1)
2 Command Buttons (PC-AS2)
2-Command buttons + green laser (PC-AS3-Grn)
1-Command button + green laser (PC-AS2-Grn)
3-Command button + green laser (PC-AS4-Grn)
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