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Need to synchronize more than two computers? PC-Extender gives you flexibility to control any number of computers from a PerfectCue or PerfectCue Mini over virtually any distance via Cat5 cable. PC-Extender  contains 4 USB drivers. Multiple RJ45 jacks allow "daisy-chain" or "T" connections.

Many practical applications including facilitating smooth transfer from one presentation to another when multiple computers are involved. If only 4 computers need to be controlled (without remote - transmitter), onboard buttons provide "Next", "Back" and "Blank" controls.

Each USB port on the PC-Extender  may be quickly engaged or disengaged to allow computers to be synched.

May be controlled without the cue light using a hard-wired transmitter (PC-AS2-HW or from a touch panel control system via our Touch Panel Interface (TP-2000X-PC).

Like all our cue lights, the keystoke commands on PC-Extender  are programmable. Factory preset to "Right Arrow", "Left Arrow" and "B".

4.5" x 4.5" x 1.25"

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