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Limitimer Complete Systems
AV-2000 Slim profile case. System includes Timer, Podium Signal Light and 50' cable. Signal light connections via CAT5 cable. $ 857.00
PRO-2000 Same features as AV-2000. Includes XLR jack for signal light connections with popular, flat-laying XLR audio cable. System includes Timer, Podium Signal Light and 50' cable $ 857.00
PRO-2000BT A wireless version of the PRO-2000 built on a Bluetooth© communications protocol. The timer unit has a built-in transmitter. A separate receiver accepts AC power. Any Limitimer signal light connects to the receiver via Cat 5 cable. Effective range: 200-300 Ft (70-100 m). $ 1117.00
Signal Lights
PSL-20V Extra Podium Signal Light $ 208.00
PSL-20VF Flush mount Podium Signal Light $ 194.00
ASL-4 Audience Signal Light with 4" tri color lights $ 488.00
ASL-4ND3 Audience Signal Light with 4" digital display and tri color lights $ 818.00
ASL-4ND3BT Audience Signal Light with 4" digital display and tri color lights and integrated Bluetooth® receiver $ 968.00
ASL-2ND3 Audience Signal Light with 2" digital display and tri color lights $ 420.00
VC-2000 A RJ45-USB dongle and software to display signal light data on large format LCD monitors. $ 285.00
RFR-2000 An extra wireless receiver that works with Limitimer PRO-2000RF $ 160.00
TR-2000BT A Bluetooth-based transmitter-receiver kit to make an existing Limitimer wireless $ 300.00
Carrying & Storage Cases
CS-518 Holds Limitimer Complete System $ 104.00
CS-827 Holds Limitimer Complete System & Audience Signal Light $ 325.00
Cables and Adaptors
KES-851 Extension Cable for Signal Light 50 ft Cat 5 with modular connectors $ 25.00
KES-825 Extension Cable for Signal Light 25 ft Cat 5 with modular connectors $ 20.00
KES-882 Adaptor: Male XLR to Modular Cat 5 Jack $ 30.00

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International users - Limitimer will operate on either 110-120 Volt or 220-240 Volt AC current. The timer will be supplied with the appropriate plug for your country.
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