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Our laser pointers are designed for institutions and the rental market. They feature a rugged, machined aluminum housing with a durable black matte finish. The actuator is a large red button with a positive action.

1.25" dia x 7"
Weight: 10oz (with battery grip + 2 "C" cells); 9 oz (with AC grip)
Ednalite pointers appear brighter than standard pointers. They feature lower wavelength laser diodes. Our new "530 series" pointers emit a stunningly bright green dot that can pierce through rear-view projections. Click here to learn more about Brightness.
Most presenters will find that the round grip fits comfortably in their hand.
Unlike pocket pointers, these hefty laser pointers will not "walk away" from the lectern. The hexagonal flange will also prevent the pointers from rolling off a sloped table.
The modular design enables you to select either battery or AC operation - whatever is appropriate for a particular presentation. The kit includes a padded carrying case, the laser module and both the AC and battery grips and compartments for spare batteries.Not available

$ 150 530ac or 2c Buy Online

Warning: Laser pointers should not be used with LCD screens or other TV devices as the glass front will cause the laser beam to reflect back at an audience.

Consider using virtual pointers
(PowerPoint® Ctrl+L for example)

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